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Therapy-Sessions, (02), (03), (04), (05), (06), (07), (08), (09), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19),, (02) Abnormalities

The recordings in this page are, for the most part, mixed using data from the book created and updated by the ETDFL (Electro Therapy Device Frequency List) Association and available online. Frequency sets in the aforementioned book are calculated by biofeedback means and quoted in thousands. The ETDFL book is not a list of unique frequency sets. A few other recordings in this page transcribe empirical sets of data from lists available at Download here a list of repeated frequency sets taken from the 2011 Rife Book ( ABBYY GZ ) ( TXT ) ( PDF )

Sound waves are just another type of wave. Listen to the mp3's as if you were enjoying the sound of the sea at a beach. Remember, using this type of therapy on others without their consent is not ethically sound.

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AIDS-HIV (Ref.); Acidosis (Ref.); Acne (Ref.); Acromegaly (Ref.); Acute Inflammatory Neuropathy (Ref.); Addictions-Alcohol General (Ref.); Addictions-Drug General (Ref.); Addison's Disease (Ref.); Adenoma (Ref.); Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (Ref.); Adenomavirus Infections (Ref.); Adenomyosis (Ref.); Adhesions Pelvic (Ref.); Adiadochokinesis (Ref.); Adiposis Dolorosa (Ref.); Adnexitis (Ref.); Adrenal Gland Diseases (Ref.); Adrenal Hyperplasia Congenital (Ref.); Adrenoleukodystrophy (Ref.); Adverse Drug Reaction (Ref.); African Sleeping Sickness (Ref.); Agammaglobulinemia (Ref.); Aganglionosis Colonic (Ref.); Agnosia (Ref.); Aicardi Syndrome (Ref.); Aldosteronism (Ref.); Alexander Disease (Ref.); Alkalosis (Ref.); Alkaptonuria (Ref.); All Diabetes Comprehensive (Ref.); All Microbes And Disease; Allergic Angiitis (Ref.); Allergic Granulomatous Angiitis (Ref.); Alopecia (Ref.); Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Ref.); Altitude Sickness (Ref.); Alzheimer Disease (Ref.); Amblyopia (Ref.); Amebiasis (Ref.); Amino Acid Metabolism (Ref.); Amnesia (Ref.); Amniotic Band Syndrome (Ref.); Amphibian Diseases (Ref.); Amyloidosis (Ref.); Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Ref.); Analgesia (Ref.); Anaphylaxis (Ref.); Anemia (Ref.); Anemia Fanconi (Ref.); Anemia Megaloblastic (Ref.); Anemia Pernicious (Ref.); Aneurysm (Ref.); Angina Pectoris (Ref.); Angioedema (Ref.); Angiofibroma (Ref.); Angiokeratoma Corporis Diffusum (Ref.); 

Angiolymphoid (Ref.); Angioma (Ref.); Anhydrosis (Ref.); Animal Diseases (Ref.); Aniridia (Ref.); Anisakiasis (Ref.); Anisocoria (Ref.); Anomia (Ref.); Anophthalmos (Ref.); Antiphospholipid Syndrome (Ref.); Antiseptic Effect; Antithrombin III Deficiency (Ref.); Anus Diseases (Ref.); Anxiety Disorders (Ref.); Aortic Valve Stenosis (Ref.); Aortitis Syndrome (Ref.); Aphasia (Ref.); Aplastic Anemia (Ref.); Apnea (Ref.); Appendicits [+48 hours water fasting] (Ref.); Apraxias (Ref.); Aprosencephaly; Arachnoid Cysts (Ref.); 

Arachnoiditis (Ref.); Arbovirus Infections (Ref.); Arm Injuries (Ref.); Arnold-Chiari Malformation (Ref.); Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy (Ref.); Arsenic Poisoning (Ref.); Arteriosclerosis (Ref.); Arteriovenous Malformations (Ref.); Arteritis Temporal (Ref.); Arthritis (Ref.); Arthritis Juvenile Chronic (Ref.); Arthritis Reactive (Ref.); Arthritis Rheumatoid (Ref.); Arthrogryposis (Ref.); Arthropod Diseases (Ref.); Asbestosis (Ref.); Ascariasis (Ref.); Ascorbic Acid Deficiency (Ref.); Asperger Syndrome (Ref.); Aspergillosis (Ref.); Asphyxia (Ref.); Asthma (Ref.); Asthma Plus Allergies Comprehensive; Astigmatism (Ref.); Astrocytoma (Ref.); Ataxia Telangiectasia (Ref.); Atrial Fibrillation (Ref.); Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (Ref.); Autistic Disorder (Ref.); Autoimmune Diseases (Ref.); Autonomic Nervous System Diseases (Ref.); Avian Influenza (Ref.); Avitaminosis (Ref.);

Bacillus Infections (Ref.); Back Pain (Ref.); Bacteremia (Ref.); Bacterial Infections And Mycoses (Ref.); Bacterial Infections Specific Cold-FluBalanitis (Ref.); Bald Head Virus; Bardet-Biedel Syndrome (Ref.); Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome (Ref.); Barotrauma (Ref.); Barrett Esophagus (Ref.); Barth Syndrome (Ref.); Bartonella Infections (Ref.); Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome (Ref.); Bedsores (Ref.); 

Benign Intracranial Hypertension (Ref.); Berylliosis (Ref.); Biliary Atresia (Ref.); Biliary Tract Diseases (Ref.); Biotinidase Deficiency (Ref.); Bipolar Disorder (Ref.); Bird Diseases (Ref.); Bird Flu-H5N1 (Ref.); Bites And Stings (Ref.); Bladder Exstrophy (Ref.); Blastocystis Hominis Infections (Ref.); Blepharitis (Ref.); Blepharospasm (Ref.); Blepharospasm-Oromandibular Dystonia (Ref.); 

Blood Coagulation Disorders (Ref.); Bloom Syndrome (Ref.); Bone Fractures (Ref.); Bone Hypertrophy; Bone Spurs (Ref.); Botulism (Ref.); Bowen Disease (Ref.); Bradycardia (Ref.); Brain Abscess (Ref.); Brain Concussion (Ref.); Brain Diseases (Ref.); Brain Hypoxia (Ref.); Brain Ischemia (Ref.); Branched-Chain Ketoaciduria (Ref.); Branchio-Oculo-Facial Syndrome (Ref.); Breast Cyst (Ref.); Breast Diseases (Ref.); Bronchiectasis (Ref.); Bronchiolitis (Ref.); Bronchitis (Ref.); Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (Ref.); 

Bruxism (Ref.); Bulbar Palsy Progressive (Ref.); Bulbospinal Neuronopathy (Ref.); Bunyavirus Infections (Ref.); Burkholderia Infections (Ref.); Burkitt Lymphoma (Ref.); Burns (Ref.); Bursitis (Ref.); 


Cafe au Lait Spots (Ref.); Calcaneal Apophysitis (Ref.); Caliciviridae Infections (Ref.); Campylobacter Infections (Ref.); Cancer-Adrenocortical CNA (Ref.); Cancer-Bladder (Ref.); Cancer-Bone (Ref.); Cancer-Brain Tumor (Ref.); Cancer-Breast (Ref.); Cancer-Cervical (Ref.); Cancer-Colon (Ref.); Cancer-Comprehensive; Cancer-Digestive System (Ref.); Cancer-Ear (Ref.); Cancer-Endocrine (Ref.); Cancer-Endometrial (Ref.); Cancer-Esophageal (Ref.); Cancer-Ewings (PNET) (Ref.); Cancer-Extrahepatic Bile Duct (Ref.); 
Cardiovascular Diseases (Ref.); Carnitine Diseases (Ref.); Caroli Disease (Ref.); Carotid Stenosis (Ref.); Cartilage Diseases (Ref.); Cat Diseases (Ref.); Cataract (Ref.); Catheterization (Ref.); Cattle Diseases (Ref.); Causalgia (Ref.); Celiac Disease (Ref.); Cellulitis (Ref.); Cellulitis Orbital (Ref.); Cementoma (Ref.); Central Cord Syndrome (Ref.); Central Nervous System Diseases (Ref.); Central Nervous System Infections (Ref.); Central Sleep Apnea (Ref.); Cerclage Cervical (Ref.); Cerebellar Ataxia (Ref.); Cerebelloretinal Angiomatosis (Ref.); Cerebral Concussion (Ref.); Cerebral Gigantism (Ref.); Cerebral Hemorrhage (Ref.); Cerebral Palsy (Ref.); Cerebro Vascular Disorders (Ref.); Cervix Incompetence (Ref.); Cestode Infections (Ref.); Chagas Disease (Ref.); Chalazion (Ref.); Chancroid (Ref.); Cheilitis (Ref.); Chemical Sensitivity (Ref.); Chemtrail Detox; Chest Pain (Ref.); Chilblains (Ref.); Chlamydia Infections (Ref.); Chlamydiaceae Infections (Ref.); Chloasma (Ref.); Cholangitis (Ref.) ; Cholelithiasis (Ref.); Cholera (Ref.); Cholesterol Embolism (Ref.); Chondritis Costal (Ref.); Chondroectodermal Dysplasia (Ref.); Chondroma (Ref.); Chondromalacia Patellae (Ref.); Chondrosarcoma (Ref.); Chorea (Ref.); Choreoathetosis (Ref.); Chorioretinitis (Ref.); Choroideremia (Ref.); 

5-Hydroxytryptamine Production (Ref.); HIV Related InfectionsRef.); HIV-AIDS (Ref.); Haemophilus Influenzae (Ref.); Hair Diseases (Ref.); Hair Loss (Ref.); Halitosis (Ref.); Hallucinations (Ref.); Hallux Valgus (Ref.); Hamartoma (Ref.); Hand Foot And Mouth Syndrome (Ref.); Hantavirus Infections (Ref.);Headache (Ref.); Head Trauma (Ref.); Hearing Disorders (Ref.); Heart Abnormalities (Ref.); Heart Catheterization (Ref.); Heart Diseases (Ref.); Heart Hypertrophy (Ref.); Heart Disease Plus COPD Comprehensive
Pylori (Ref.); Helminthiasis (Ref.); Hemangioma Cavernous (Ref.); Hematologic Diseases (Ref.); Hematospermia (Ref.); Hematuria
Hemiplegia (Ref.); Hemochromatosis (Ref.); Hemoglobinopathies (Ref.); Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (Ref.); Hemophilia Vascular (Ref.); Hemoptysis (Ref.); Hemorrhage Postpartum (Ref.); Hemorrhage Cranial Epidural (Ref.); Hemorrhagic Shock (Ref.);
(Ref.); Hemosiderosis (Ref.); Henoch–Schonlein Purpura (Ref.); Hepatic Venous Outflow Obstruction (Ref.); Hepatitis-A
Hepatitis-B (Ref.); Hepatitis-C (Ref.); Hepatitis Chronic (Ref.); Hepatitis Viral Human (Ref.); Hereditary Sensorial-Autonomic Neuropathy Type-1 (Ref.); Hereditary Sensory-Autonomic Neuropathy Type-2 (Ref.); Hereditary Sensory-Autonomic Neuropathy Type-4 (Ref.); Hereditary Sensory-Autonomic Neuropathy Type-5 (Ref.); Hermanski-Pudlak Syndrome (Ref.); Hernia (Ref.); Hernia Diaphragmatic (Ref.); Hernia Hiatal (Ref.); Hernia Umbilical (Ref.); Herpes Simplex 1 (Ref.); Herpes Simplex 2 (Ref.); Herpes Simplex Encephalitis (Ref.); Herpes Zoster (Ref.); Herpesviridae Infections (Ref.); Herpetic Facial Paralysis (Ref.); Hidradenitis Suppurativa (Ref.); Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (Ref.); Hirsutism (Ref.); Histidinemia (Ref.); Histiocytoma Benign Fibrous (Ref.); Histiocytosis
(Ref.); Histiocytosis X (Ref.); Histoplasmosis (Ref.); Hodgkin's Disease (Ref.); Holmes-Adie Syndrome (Ref.); Holoprosencephaly (Ref.); Homocystinuria (Ref.); Hordeolum (Ref.); Hot Flashes (Ref.); Human Flu (Ref.); Human Papilloma Virus (Ref.); Huntington's Disease (Ref.); Hutchinson Melanotic Freckle (Ref.); Hydatidiform Mole (Ref.); Hydrocephalus (Ref.); Hydronephrosis (Ref.); 

Macroblobulinemia (Ref.); Macroglossia (Ref.); Macular Degeneration (Ref.); Macular Dystrophy Corneal (Ref.); Maduromycosis (Ref.); Maggot Infestations (Ref.); Malaria (Ref.); Male Urogenital DiseasesMalignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (Ref.); Malignant Hyperthermia (Ref.); Mandibulofacial Dysostosis (Ref.); Manic-Depressive Psychosis (Ref.); Mannosidosis Alpha (Ref.); Marfan Syndrome (Ref.); Mastocytosis (Ref.); Mastoiditis (Ref.); Maxillofacial Procedures (Ref.); Measles (Ref.); Meckel Diverticulum (Ref.);
Meconium Aspiration (Ref.); Medullary Sponge Kidney (Ref.); 
Medulloblastoma (Ref.); Melanoma-Amelanotic (Ref.); Melanoma (Ref.); Melanosis (Ref.); Melioidosis (Ref.); Meningioma (Ref.); Meningitis Bacterial (Ref.); Meningitis Viral (Ref.); Menstruation Disturbances (Ref.); Mercury Poisoning (Ref.); Metabolic Bone Diseases (Ref.); Metabolic Diseases (Ref.); Metabolic Syndrome X (Ref.); Methemoglobinemia (Ref.); Microcephaly (Ref.); Microphtalmos (Ref.); Microvascular Angina (Ref.); Middle Ear Cholesteatoma (Ref.); Migraine Disorders (Ref.); Mite Infestations (Ref.); Mitochondrial Diseases (Ref.); Mitochondrial Myopathy (Ref.); Mitral Click-Murmur (Ref.); Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Ref.); Molds General-Comprehensive (Ref.); Monkeypox (Ref.); Monosomy (Ref.); Morvan Disease (Ref.); Motion Sickness (Ref.); Motor Neuron Disease (Ref.); Movement Disorder (Ref.); Mucocutaneous Lymph Node (Ref.); Mucopolysaccharidoses (Ref.); Multicystic-Dysplastic Kidney (Ref.); Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Ref.); Multiple Hamartoma Syndrome (Ref.); Multiple Myeloma (Ref.); Multiple Sclerosis (Ref.); Multiple System Atrophy (Ref.); Mumps (Ref.); Munchausen Syndrome (Ref.); Muscle Cramp (Ref.); Muscle Spasticity (Ref.); Muscle Tonic (Ref.); Muscular Diseases (Ref.); Muscular Dystrophies (Ref.); Mutism (Ref.); Mycobacterium Infections (Ref.); Mycoses (Ref.); Myelodysplastic Syndromes (Ref.); Myeloencephalitis (Ref.); Myocardial Infarction Ref.); Myocarditis (Ref.); Myoclonus (Ref.); Myopathies Structural 

POEMS Syndrome (Ref.); Pachygyria (Ref.); Paget Disease (Ref.); Paget Disease Of Bone (Ref.); Pain (Ref.); Pancreatic Diseases (Ref.); Pancreatic Insufficiency (Ref.); Pancreatitis (Ref.); Panniculitis (Ref.); Pantothenase Kinase-Neurodegeneration (Ref.); 
Papillitis Optica (Ref.); Papilloma (Ref.); Papillomavirus Infections (Ref.); Paraganglioma (Ref.); Paralysis (Ref.); Paralysis Bulbar (Ref.); Paramyxoviridae Infections (Ref.); Paraneoplastic Syndromes-Nervous System (Ref.); Paraphilias (Ref.); Paraproteinemias (Ref.); Parapsoriasis (Ref.); Parasite General-Comprehensive (Hulda Clark); Parasites General-Comprehensive (Ref.); Parasites General (Ref.); Parathyroid Diseases (Ref.); Parkinson (Ref.); Parkinsonian Disorders (Ref.); Paronychia (Ref.); Paroxysmal Hemoglobinuria (Ref.); Pellagra (Ref.); Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Ref.); Pemphigus (Ref.); Penile Diseases (Ref.); Penile Induration (Ref.); Peptic Ulcer (Ref.); Pericardial CystPericardial Effusion (Ref.); Pericardial Tamponade (Ref.); Pericarditis (Ref.); Perineurial Cysts (Ref.); Periodontal Diseases (Ref.); Peripheral Nervous System Diseases (Ref.); Peripheral Vascular Diseases (Ref.); Periphlebitis (Ref.); Peroneal Muscular Atrophy (Ref.); Peroxisomal Disorders (Ref.); Personality Disorder-Borderline (Ref.); Perthes Disease (Ref.); Peter's Anomaly (Ref.); Pharyngeal Diseases (Ref.); Pharyngeal Diverticulum (Ref.); Pharyngitis (Ref.); Phenylketonurias (Ref.); Phimosis (Ref.); Phlebitis (Ref.); Phlebotomus Fever (Ref.); Phobic Disorders (Ref.); Photosensitivity Disorders (Ref.); Pilonidal Sinus (Ref.); Pityriasis (Ref.); Pituitary Diseases (Ref.); Plague (Ref.); Plant Poisoning (Ref.); Platelet Disorders (Ref.); Platelet Pool Deficiency (Ref.); Pleural Diseases (Ref.); Pleural Effusion (Ref.); Pleurisy (Ref.); Pneumococcal Infections (Ref.); Pneumonia (Ref.); Pneumothorax (Ref.); Poland Syndrome (Ref.); Poliodystrophia Cerebri (Ref.); Poliomyelitis (Ref.); Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Ref.); Polyarteritis Nodosa (Ref.); Polychondritis Relapsing (Ref.); Polycystic Kidney Diseases (Ref.); Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Ref.); Polyendocrinopathies Autoimmune (Ref.); Polyhydramnios (Ref.); Polymyositis (Ref.); Polyneuropathies (Ref.); Polyomavirus Infections (Ref.); Polyradiculoneuropathy Acute Inflammatory (Ref.); Polyradiculopathy (Ref.); Popliteal Cyst (Ref.); Porphyria Erythropoietic (Ref.); Porphyrias (Ref.); Post-Cosmetic Reconstruction (Ref.); Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (Ref.); Postpartum Depression (Ref.); Proctocolitis (Ref.); Prognathism (Ref.); Progressive Intracranial Occlusive Arteriopathy (Ref.); Progressive Supranuclear Ophthalmoplegia (Ref.); Prosopagnosia (Ref.); Prostate-Enlarged (Ref.); Prostatic 


STD-Comprehensive (Ref.); Salivary Gland Diseases (Ref.); Salmonella Enteriditis Gut (Ref.); Salmonella Infections (Ref.); Salpingitis (Ref.); Samter Syndrome (Ref.); Sarcoidosis (Ref.); Sarcoma Osteogenic (Ref.); Scabies (Ref.); Schistosomiasis (Ref.); 

Schizencephaly (Ref.); Schizophrenia (Ref.); Sciatica (Ref.); Scleritis (Ref.); Scleroma Nasal (Ref.); Sclerosis Hereditary Spinal (Ref.); Sclerosis Systemic (Ref.); Scoliosis (Ref.); Scotoma (Ref.); Scrub Typhus (Ref.); Seasonal Affective Disorder (Ref.); Seizure Disorder (Ref.); Seizures (Ref.); Sepsis (Ref.); Serotonin Syndrome (Ref.)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Ref.); Sexual Disorders-General Set (Ref.); Sexual Dysfunctions-Psychological (Ref.); Sexual Libido Boost (Ref.); Sexual Male Erectile Dysfunction (Ref.); Sezary Syndrome (Ref.); Shock (Ref.); Shock Septic (Ref.); Short Bowel Syndrome (Ref.); Shoulder Injuries (Ref.); Sialidosis (Ref.); Sicca Syndrome (Ref.); Sick Building Syndrome (Ref.); Silicosis (Ref.); Sinusitis (Ref.); Skin-Infectious Diseases (Ref.); Skin-Scar Tissue Building (Ref.); Skin And Connective Tissue Diseases (Ref.); Skin Collagen Building (Ref.); Skin Diseases-Bacterial (Ref.); Skin Diseases (Ref.); Skin Mole (Ref.); Skin Ulcer (Ref.); Sleep Disorders (Ref.); Slow Virus Diseases (Ref.); Smallpox (Ref.); Smell Disorders (Ref.); Somatoform Disorders (Ref.); Spasm (Ref.); Spastic Spinal Monoplegia (Ref.); Spider Veins (Ref.); Spina Bifida (Ref.); Spina Bifida Occulta (Ref.); Spinal Cord Diseases (Ref.); Spinal Cord Inflammation (Ref.); Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Ref.); Spinal Stenosis (Ref.); Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type-3 (Ref.); Splenic Diseases (Ref.); Splenic Rupture (Ref.); Spondylitis Ankylosing (Ref.); Spondylolisthesis (Ref.); Staphylococcal Infections (Ref.); Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (Ref.); Stiff-Person Syndrome (Ref.); Stiff Knees (Ref.); Stiff Muscles (Ref.); Stomatitis Aphtous (Ref.); Strabismus (Ref.); Strabismus Convergent (Ref.); Strabismus Divergent (Ref.); Streptococcal Infections (Ref.); Stress (Ref.); Stridor (Ref.); Stroke (Ref.); Stroke Follow-Up (Ref.); Strongyloidiasis (Ref.); Stuttering (Ref.); Subdural Hematoma (Ref.); Sudden Hearing Loss (Ref.); Suture Techniques (Ref.); Sweat Gland Diseases (Ref.); Swelling (Ref.); Syndrome Disorders (Ref.); Synesthesia (Ref.); Synovitis (Ref.); Syphilis (Ref.); Syphilis Congenital (Ref.); Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (Ref.); Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Ref.);