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Chakra specific files help explore their resonance, attuning the body,
its related energy, or providing an energetic stimulation of these
centers. Some mp3's are tools for personal improvement, advancement,
or wellness, others are simply intended to cultivate spiritual nature.
The rest, are medical condition related.

More often than not, it is advisable to complement along with other
records to deal with associated symptoms, underlying causes,
rehabilitation issues, or appropiate supplements. Remember too, that
risk prevention may help avoid disease.

Use therapy mp3's intuitively, that is, if it feels better using them
keep listening once or more per day. Intuition will tell you when
to stop.

During tests pay some attention to the frequencies playing in the
background, rather than sleeping or taking care of business. There's
no harm involved in getting the wrong file, or hanging around while
others listen, since they won't resonate with them. Occasionally,
its frequencies may not correspond to the melody's key; music will
be heard all at once as inspiration -not melody as mere thinking
combinations, but Melody as inspired "tone gestalts".

Whenever Vitamin C plays an important role in the disease or disorder,
the DNA Activation of Vitamin C Gene mp3 is sure to speed things up. 
Wherein a general boost of bodily function is desirable, select the
Wellness and Balance files. Chakra audios can help direct and carry out
your therapeutic endeavor, while Human Chemistry Elements are good
for grounding up the overall human structure.
Quick recovery depends on a number of factors, so it is more reasonable
a sensitive approach to the subject. Expect an empathy towards your
experience, improvement of symptoms while listening, and maybe an
eventual remission on the way.

The author wishes to thank,,,,,
for posting their frequency lists online; the developers of the free
programs, such as Power Sound Editor, Audacity, Wavesurfer, ToneGen,
Virtual Music Composer, Expression Tone Generator, and Bio2MIDI used to
complete the tasks, and Wikipedia for its commitment to free information.

Eduardo Espadas
13th of February, 2013.

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