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Dr. Alfred Partheil was the first scientist to suggest a correlation between substances, or specifically chemical elements, and frequency. " The atoms of each element have a certain weight, and the atoms of different basic constituents  differ from each other in a characteristic way through their different weights. While we cannot absolutely establish these atomic weights, we are well able to determine the relationship of these weights to each other." (Dr. Alfred Partheil - On The Numerical Relationship Of Atomic Weights)

Sound waves are just another type of wave. Listen to the mp3's as if you were enjoying the sound of the sea at a beach. Remember, using this type of therapy on others without their consent is not ethically sound.

Recordings based upon Malacards data start from RT-MB26. Malacards is updated every year with the latest data from a number of sources. The term 'Genetic Superpathways' refers to sets of 2 to 6 genes under the section with this name at Malacards website -present at the time the mp3 was produced. Using only the information found in the Genetic Superpathways section is preferred here because the process works akin to computer programs coded to achieve desirable outcomes.

Preview or download the audios from your browser at the links to the location. There you'll find a short reference for each item. You are advised to gather more information about the products listed through web inquiry.

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 39

Genetic Superpathways-Adrenal Gland Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Amyloidosis; Genetic Superpathways-Asthenopia; Genetic Superpathways-Atrial Fibrillation; Genetic Superpathways-Carbohydrate Metabolic Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Common Wart; Genetic Superpathways-Congestive Heart Failure; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetes Mellitus Insulin Dependent; Genetic Superpathways-Drug Dependence; Genetic Superpathways-Dumping Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Dysphagia; Genetic Superpathways-Endocrine Pancreas Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Endogenous Depression; Genetic Superpathways-Fibromyalgia; Genetic Superpathways-Folliculitis; Genetic Superpathways-Glucose Intolerance; Genetic Superpathways-Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia; Genetic Superpathways-Hypoglycemia; Genetic Superpathways-Infertility; Genetic Superpathways-Inner Ear Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Insulinoma; Genetic Superpathways-Lipid Metabolism Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Measles; Genetic Superpathways-Migraine With Aura; Genetic Superpathways-Migraine Without Aura; Genetic Superpathways-Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Otosclerosis; Genetic Superpathways-Temporal Arteritis; Genetic Superpathways-Tympanic Membrane Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Tympanosclerosis;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 38

EGLEPG Peptide; Endogenous Amylin-Insulin Peptides; Genetic Superpathways-Acute Insulin Response; Genetic Superpathways-Aging1 (update to RT-MB 33); Genetic Superpathways-Aging2 (update to RT-MB 33); Genetic Superpathways-Background Diabetic Retinopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Buruli Ulcer; Genetic Superpathways-Cellulitis; Genetic Superpathways-Contact Dermatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetes Mellitus; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetes Mellitus Ketosis Prone; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetes Mellitus Noninsulin Dependent; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Angiopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Cataract; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Encephalopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Foot Ulcers; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Macular Edema; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Neuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Diabetic Polyneuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Hyperinsulinism; Genetic Superpathways-Intracranial Aneurysm; Genetic Superpathways-Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Microvascular Complications Of Diabetes1; Genetic Superpathways-Microvascular Complications Of Diabetes3; Genetic Superpathways-Microvascular Complications Of Diabetes5; Genetic Superpathways-Muscular Dystrophy; Genetic Superpathways-Necrotizing Fasciitis; Genetic Superpathways-Osteomyelitis; IDR-1018 Peptide;

Genetic Superpathways-Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Amphetamine Abuse; Genetic Superpathways-Blepharitis; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Follicular Conjunctivitis; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Ulcer Of Skin; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers; Genetic Superpathways-Conversion Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Denture Stomatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Distichiasis; Genetic Superpathways-Epidermoid Cysts; Genetic Superpathways-Facial Paralysis; Genetic Superpathways-Hemosiderosis; Genetic Superpathways-Intermittent Explosive Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Irritant Dermatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Learning Disability; Genetic Superpathways-Leukostasis; Genetic Superpathways-Macular Degeneration Age Related1;  Genetic Superpathways-Macular Holes; Genetic Superpathways-Muscle Hypertrophy (update to RT-MB 27 item); Genetic Superpathways-Nail Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Neurogenic Arthropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Ocular Dominance; Genetic Superpathways-Paronychia; Genetic Superpathways-Parotitis; Genetic Superpathways-Pertussis; Genetic Superpathways-Photokeratitis; Genetic Superpathways-Pulmonary Disease Chronic Obstructive; Genetic Superpathways-Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Substance Abuse; Genetic Superpathways-Substance Dependence;
Genetic Superpathways-Alcohol Dependence; Genetic Superpathways-Alcoholic Hepatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis; Genetic Superpathways-Arthritis; Genetic Superpathways-Articulation Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Buerger Disease;
Genetic Superpathways-Commensal Bacteria Infectious Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Conjunctivochalasis; Genetic Superpathways-Degenerative Disc Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Dystonia; Genetic Superpathways-Fasciitis; Genetic Superpathways-Fatty Liver Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Fibrous Histiocytoma; Genetic Superpathways-Gait Apraxia; Genetic Superpathways-Ichthyosis Vulgaris; Genetic Superpathways-Intervertebral Disc Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Portal Hypertension; Genetic Superpathways-Portal Vein Thrombosis; Genetic Superpathways-Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (update to RT-MB 26 item); Genetic Superpathways-Primary Bacterial Infectious Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Pulmonary Embolism; Genetic Superpathways-Scapuloperoneal Myopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Telangiectasis; Genetic Superpathways-Thrombophlebitis; Genetic Superpathways-Thrombosis; Genetic Superpathways-Tooth Size; Genetic Superpathways-Varicose Veins; Genetic Superpathways-Viral Infectious Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Whiplash; Genetic Superpathways-Writing Disorder

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 35

Genetic Superpathways-Acoustic Neuroma; Genetic Superpathways-Acute Mountain Sickness; Genetic Superpathways-Arteries Anomalies Of; Genetic Superpathways-Autoimmune Disease Of Skin And Connective Tissue; Genetic Superpathways-Bronchitis; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Tic Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Demyelinating Polyneuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Diarrhea; Genetic Superpathways-Empty Sella Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Hemarthrosis; Genetic Superpathways-Hypoglycemic Coma; Genetic Superpathways-Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy; Genetic Superpathways-Lipodermatosclerosis; Genetic Superpathways-Mast Cell Activation Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Metal Allergy; Genetic Superpathways-Methemoglobinemia; Genetic Superpathways-Neuromuscular Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Periostitis; Genetic Superpathways-Prostate Cancer; Genetic Superpathways-Radiculopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Retinal Degeneration; Genetic Superpathways-Retinal Detachment; Genetic Superpathways-Shoulder Impingement Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Spinal Stenosis; Genetic Superpathways-Spondylolisthesis; Genetic Superpathways-Spondylosis; Genetic Superpathways-Synovial Chondromatosis; Genetic Superpathways-Ulceratve Stomatitis;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 34
Genetic Superpathways-Adult Onset Myasthenia Gravis; Genetic Superpathways-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis1; Genetic Superpathways-Burning Mouth Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Burns; Genetic Superpathways-Carbuncle; Genetic Superpathways-Cardiac Arrest; Genetic Superpathways-Central Nervous System Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Cerebellar Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Constipation; Genetic Superpathways-Hair Morphology1; Genetic Superpathways-Hemorrhage Intracerebral; Genetic Superpathways-Hypertension Essential; Genetic Superpathways-Hypotonia; Genetic Superpathways-Hypotrichosis; Genetic Superpathways-Lentigines; Genetic Superpathways-Motor Neuron Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Myocardial Infarction; Genetic Superpathways-Myopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Oral Candidiasis; Genetic Superpathways-Peripheral Artery Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Peripheral Nervous System Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Pollen Allergy; Genetic Superpathways-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Prostatic Hyperplasia Benign; Genetic Superpathways-Psychosexual Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Pulmonary Fibrosis Idiopathic; Genetic Superpathways-Sleep Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Stroke Ischemic; Genetic Superpathways-Tetanus Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Trigeminal Neuralgia;
* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 33
Genetic Superpathways-Acromegaly; Genetic Superpathways-Aging P1; Genetic Superpathways-Aging P2; Genetic Superpathways-Alexithymia; Genetic Superpathways-Alveolar Periostitis; Genetic Superpathways-Antisocial Personality Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Apnea Obstructive Sleep; Genetic Superpathways-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Inflammation Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Calcific Tendinitis; Genetic Superpathways-Dental Abscess; Genetic Superpathways-Dental Pulp Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Frozen Shoulder; Genetic Superpathways-Impotence; Genetic Superpathways-Keratosis Seborrheic Somatic; Genetic Superpathways-Morbid Obesity; Genetic Superpathways-Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis; Genetic Superpathways-Neuritis; Genetic Superpathways-Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Overnutrition; Genetic Superpathways-Peptic Ulcer Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Periodontitis Chronic; Genetic Superpathways-Pituitary Adenoma Growth Hormone Secreting; Genetic Superpathways-Prediabetes Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Sinusitis; Genetic Superpathways-Social Phobia; Genetic Superpathways-Specific Bursitis; Genetic Superpathways-Tooth Erosion; Genetic Superpathways-Vasomotor Rhinitis; Genetics-Rhinosporidiosis;
* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 32
Genetic Superpathways-Aggressive Periodontitis; Genetic Superpathways-Allergic Conjunctivitis; Genetic Superpathways-Allergic Hypersensitivity; Genetic Superpathways-Arteriolosclerosis; Genetic Superpathways;Atherosclerosis; Genetic Superpathways-Atopy; Genetic Superpathways-Blepharoconjunctivitis; Genetic Superpathways-Common Cold; Genetic Superpathways-Demyelinating Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Dermatitis; Genetic Superpathways-Hyperglycemia; Genetic Superpathways-Intestinal Disease;
Genetic Superpathways-Lymph Node Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Movement Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression Modifier Of; Genetic Superpathways-Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Neuromuscular Junction Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Obesity; Genetic Superpathways-Palmoplantar Keratosis; Genetic Superpathways-Paranoid Schizophrenia; Genetic Superpathways-Pulmonary Emphysema; Genetic Superpathways-Root Resorption; Genetic Superpathways-Spondyloarthropathy 1; Genetic Superpathways-Tendinopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Tendinosis; Genetic Superpathways-Tooth Resorption; Genetic Superpathways-Withdrawal Disorder; Genetics-Androgenic Alopecia; Genetics-Radioulnar Synostosis; Genetics-Telogen Effluvium;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 31

Genetic Superpathways-Autoimmune Disease  Of Blood; Genetic Superpathways-Autonomic Nervous System Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Candidiasis; Genetic Superpathways-Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor; Genetic Superpathways-Cerebrovascular Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Colon Adenoma; Genetic Superpathways-Colonic Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Dementia Lewy Body; Genetic Superpathways-Esophageal Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Heart Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Hypertriglyceridemia; Genetic Superpathways-Influenza; Genetic Superpathways-Liver Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Ovarian Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Pancreas Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Pituitary Gland Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Psychotic Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Pulmonary Hypertension; Genetic Superpathways-Spondyloarthropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Stomach Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Thyroid Gland Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Toxic Encephalopathy; Genetic Superpathways-Vascular Dementia; Genetic Superpathways-Vascular Disease; Genetics-Cerebellar Disease; Genetics-Disorders Of Intracellular Cobalamin Metabolism; Genetics-Pure Autonomic Failure; Genetics-Rectal Disease; Genetics-Subacute Delirium

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 30

Genetic Superpathways-Abdominal Obesity Metabolic Syndrome 1; Genetic Superpathways-Aromatase Deficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Brain Ischemia; Genetic Superpathways-Cerebral Hypoxia P1; Genetic Superpathways-Cerebral Hypoxia P2; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Pain; Genetic Superpathways-Coenzyme Q10 Deficiency Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Corticobasal Degeneration; Genetic Superpathways-Frontotemporal Dementia; Genetic Superpathways-Gastrointestinal Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Glucose Metabolism Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Growth Hormone Deficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Lactose Intolerance; Genetic Superpathways-Leber Optic Atrophy; Genetic Superpathways-Metabolic Acidosis; Genetic Superpathways-Mineral Metabolism Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Mouth Disease P1; Genetic Superpathways-Mouth Disease P2; Genetic Superpathways-Paranasal Sinus Disease P1; Genetic Superpathways-Paranasal Sinus Disease P2; Genetic Superpathways-Periodontal Disease P1; Genetic Superpathways-Periodontal Disease P2; Genetic Superpathways-Peripheral Vascular Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Postmenopausal Atrophic Vaginitis; Genetic Superpathways-Protein Energy Malnutrition; Genetic Superpathways-Pulpitis; Genetic Superpathways-Upper Respiratory Tract Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Vasculitis; Genetics-Brachial Plexus Lesion; Genetics-Dental Caries; Genetics-Dentin Sensitivity; Genetics-Nonsyndromic Deafness; Genetics-Root Caries; Vatiquinone;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 29

Genetic Superpathways-Acquired Metabolic Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Blepharochalasis; Genetic Superpathways-Cutis Laxa; Genetic Superpathways-Hair Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Hypercholesterolemia; Genetic Superpathways-Hypothalamic Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Immune System Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Iron Deficiency Anemia; Genetic Superpathways-Keratosis; Genetic Superpathways-Mitochondrial Complex I Deficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Nervous System Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Nose Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Parkinson Disease Late Onset; Genetic Superpathways-Pigmentation Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Sebaceous Gland Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Sweat Gland Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Tobacco Adiction; Genetic Superpathways-Tremor; Genetics-Auditory System Disease; Genetics-Autonomic Neuropathy; Genetics-Basal Ganglia Disease; Genetics-Cartilage Disease; Genetics-Collagen Disease; Genetics-Eye Disease; Genetics-Motor Peripheral Neuropathy; Genetics-Muscular Atrophy; Genetics-Peripheral Vertigo; Genetics-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy; Genetics-Salivary Gland Disease; Genetics-Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 28

Genetic Superpathways-Alzheimer Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Amnestic Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Ankylosis; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Conjunctivitis; Genetic Superpathways-Connective Tissue Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Dementia; 

Genetic Superpathways-Hydrarthrosis; Genetic Superpathways-Mental Health Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Miliaria; Genetic Superpathways-Nasopharyngeal Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Neuroma; Genetic Superpathways-Osteoarthritis; Genetic Superpathways-Radial Neuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Reactive Arthritis; Genetic Superpathways-Sciatic Nerve Lesion; Genetic Superpathways-Shoulder Impingement Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Syncope; Genetics-Arthropathy; Genetics-Chondromalacia Patella; Genetics-Delayed Sleep Phase; Genetics-Fainting; Genetics-Intermittent Hydrarthrosis; Genetics-Neuromuscular Disease; Genetics-Parkinson Disease 1; Genetics-Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome; Genetics-Plica; Genetics-Sciatic Neuropathy; Genetics-Tendinitis; Genetics-Thoracic Outlet; Genetics-Ulnar Neuropathy;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 27 

Genetic Superpathways-Back Pain; Genetic Superpathways-Blood Protein Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Fracture; Genetic Superpathways-Femoral Neuropathy; Genetic Superpathways-Hypersensitivity Vasculitis; Genetic Superpathways-Hypoxia; Genetic Superpathways-Lung Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Multiple System Atrophy1; Genetic Superpathways-Muscle Disorders; Genetic Superpathways-Muscle Hypertrophy; Genetic Superpathways-Muscle Tissue Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Nasal Cavity Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Osteoporotic Fracture; Genetic Superpathways-Scoliosis; Genetic Superpathways-Skin Atrophy; Genetic Superpathways-Synovitis P1; Genetic Superpathways-Synovitis P2; Genetic Superpathways-Tibial Neuropathy; Genetics-Capillary Disease; Genetics-Dermatomycosis; Genetics-Dermatophytosis; Genetics-Eyelid Disease; Genetics-Median Neuropathy; Genetics-Miliaria Rubra; Genetics-Peroneal Neuropathy; Genetics-Plexopathy; Genetics-Scoliosis Idiopathic; Genetics-Skin Tag; Genetics-Spinal Disease; Genetics-Tick Infestation; Genetics-Tick Paralysis; 

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 26

Genetic Superpathways-Allergic Rhinitis; Genetic Superpathways-Alopecia Androgenetic1; Genetic Superpathways-Avascular Necrosis Of The Femoral Head; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Deterioration Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Remodeling Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Resorption Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Bone Structure Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Chronic Venous Insufficiency; Genetic Superpathways-Dry Eye Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Intermittent Claudication; Genetic Superpathways-Joint Disorders P1; Genetic Superpathways-Joint Disorders P2; Genetic Superpathways-Limb Ischemia; Genetic Superpathways-Pathological Gambling; Genetic Superpathways-Personality Disorder; Genetic Superpathways-Post-Thrombotic Syndrome; Genetic Superpathways-Skin Conditions; Genetic Superpathways-Skin Disease; Genetic Superpathways-Wrinkles; Genetics-Cauda Equina Syndrome; Genetics-Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak; Genetics-Foot Drop; Genetics-

Mite Infestation; Genetics-Munchausen By Proxy; Genetics-Peroneal Nerve Paralysis; Genetics-Polyradiculopathy; Genetics-Presbyopia; Genetics-Seborrheic Dermatitis;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 25

ABT-263; AF-16 Peptide; AP20187; Agmatine; BGLAP Factor; BOLL Factor; Binaural-THC; C1q Complex; COG-1410; Clostridium-Collagenase; DKK-1 Inhibitors; Deoxycholic Acid; Dexmedetomidine; FGF-9 Factor; Fevipiprant; GNF-6702; GSK-2795039; Inosine; LAL Enzyme; LDRL Factor; Lipolysis Stimulation; Lysozyme; Nalmetrene; Nicotinamide Riboside; Perfluorodecalin; Phylloquinone; RPL-554; SEPT9-GJB1-MPZ-PMP22 Factors; SkQ-1; Tideglusib;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 24

ADH Factor; AFN-1252; Acetyl-Trans-Resveratrol; BPI (10-193)C132A; Carnosine; Cat-PAD Peptide; Dihydroartemisin-Piperaquine; Dipyridamole; EDIL3 Factor; Epclusa; Eucalyptol; FBN1 Factor; Hydroxyditric Acid; ITGB1-FN1 Factors; Idebenone; LMTX Leuco-Methylthioninium; Licoricidin-Licorisoflavan A; Lugdunin; Meldonium; NELL1 Factor; OC-000459; PLAT Factor; PLG Factor;

Polaprezinc; Ramatroban; STRQ-Streptokinase C Factor; Silicon Nitride; Thymoquinone; Urolithin-A; Ursodiol;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 23 

1400W Dihydrochloride; Allantoin-Trichostatin A-Sirolimus-LY294002; Bimagrumab; Buthus Martensii LVP1-a Factor; CYP3A4 Factor; Calcitriol; Catechin; DEETGE Calpain Tat; DRL-17822; Desmopressin Peptide; Enzymatic Wound Cleaner; Flumazenil; 

Graying Hair; IZUMO1 Factor-YLP12 Peptide; Ibudilast; Iptakalim; Mebendazole; Michondrial Complex II; NR3C1 Factor; Nerve Strength; Niacin; PF-04991532; PRG4 Factor; Pseudomonas NicA2 Factor; RQ-00000010; Setipiprant; Taurine; Vitamin C Forms; 

Vitamins A-B3-C-D; Zucapsaicin;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 22

ABCD1 Factor; AM-679; AR-42; Asteromycin; BAY 73-6691; Bacillus Licheniformis-NuB Factor; CEP290 Factor; CHM Factor; FL118; G-CSF Factor; HBB Factor; HU-211; IRX-4204; Indanomycin; J-147; LCA-5 Factor; LPL Factor; MT-ND4 Factor; Methylene Blue; Naphazoline Nitrate; PHA-543613; RPE65 Factor; SB-366791; SERCA2A Factor; SR-2211; Sox4-Sox11 Factors; Stampidine; Streptomyces L74-Cyclamin; Triptolide; Yohimbine; 

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 21
ACTH 1-24 Polypeptide; ARSB Factor; Acarbose; Alfatradiol; Bacillus-Cereus AlkD; C5 Factor; EE-3-SO4; GAA Factor; GBA Factor; GLA Factor; IDS Factor; IDUA FActor; Inositol-Methionine-Choline; Inositol; LEP Factor; Lifitegrast; Lithospermate-B; Masoprocol; Naringenin; Oxoloacetate; Pralatrexate; Progesterone; R-Lipoic Acid; RADA16 Plus EE-3-SO4; Rilonacept; SERPING-1 Factor; Silmitasertib; Sirolimus; Staph-Aureus SSL7; VEGF165 Factor;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 20

ANLE-138B; Baricitinib; Chondroitin Glucosamine MSM; D-Limonene; Decitabine; ESRP1-ESRP2 Factors; Eltrombopag; Fasigliam; Favipiravir; IFNB1 Factor; ITGA-7 Factor; Interferon Alfacon-1; Interferon Beta-1A; Interferon Beta-1B; KJNC-15 Factor; Leptomycin B; MZ-5-156; Milbemycin Oxime; NR2E1 Factor; Norisoboldine; OSU-6162; PDE10A Factor; Peginterferon Alfa-2B; Selamectin; Selinexor; Silibinin; TAK-733; Teixobactin; Tetrandrine; Verdinexor; 

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 19
ADoPep1 Peptide; CEPO; Cat-Cathelicidin Polypeptides; Cat-Filaggrin Factor; CrAT Factor; DHED; Dalazatide Peptide; Dasatinib-Quercetin; Deoxyribonucleic Acid-DNA; Dog-Cathelicidin Polypeptide; FSTL-1 Factor; Folinic Acid; GPW-105 Peptide; GsMTx4-Dynasore; IRL-1620; LCZ696; Polybia-MP1 Peptide; Polytrim; Prostacyclin; Pyrimethamine; RGFP966; RWJ-56110; Ribonucleic-Deoxyriconucleic Acids; Ribonucleic Acid-RNA; SCH-23390; Sulfadiazine; T-2328; Tomatidine; Ursolic Acid; Vorapaxar;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 18

AN-2728; AN2728-RPTPsigma Factor; ATM Factor; Betamethasone-Dexchlorpheniramine; CNTROB Factor; CRF Factor; CZEN-002 Peptide; Cabozantinib; Celebrex Plus Gabapentin; Chlorophyll; DIM; Danegaptide; Ghrelin210 Peptide; Guanabenz; KG-5; MCB-613; Moroidin; OP-145 Peptide; Omiganan Peptide; PAC-113 Peptide; PLEKHA7 Factor; RB-1 Factor; Royalactin; TLR-3 Factor; TP-508 Peptide; Ticagrelor; Tranexamic Acid; Tylotoin Peptide; Varenicline; hLF 1-11 Peptide;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 17

AIPL-1 Factor; Alcaftadine; Celastrol; Clomifen; D-Leucine; DHEA; Fullerene-C60 Molecule; GC Factor; Gemeprost; Insulin Glargine-Lixisenatide; Isobutrin-RPTP Factor; Isobutrin; LE Dipeptide; LHX-1 Factor; Lanosterol; Lansoprazole; Letrozole; Metformin; 

Mifepristone; Misoprostol; NFIX Factor; NPD-1 Factor; Rintatolimod; Salbutamol; Sodium Oxybate; Stigmasterol; TMC-1 Factor; Trans-Chalcone; UCP-1 Factor; Vancomycin;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 16

ARTS-1 Factor; Bendavia Peptide; Beta-2 Microglobulin Factor; CAPE; Catalase Enzyme; Cilostazol; D-Ribose; Disitertide Peptide; F2A Peptide; GLP-2 Peptide; GSTM1 Factor; GSTP1 Factor; Glutathione GSH; HLA-B-27 Alfa Factor; IL23R Factor; 

Lactulose; Levonorgestrel; Methylcobalamin-Vitamin B12; N-Acetyl-Cysteine NAC; PMPAEDIVDLAYES Peptide; Pentoxifylline; RyR2 Factor; SB-431542; STAT5 Inhibitor; Saracitinib; Smad3 Inhibitor-SIS3; Teduglutide; Trans-Resveratrol; Sulfasalazine; YCWSQYLCY Peptide;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 15

15-PGDH Inhibitor; Avanafil; B2A Peptide; BTBD3 Factor; CADM2 Factor; Cethrin; Cordycepin; Epelsiban; Fluoxetine; GUCA2B Factor; Glucose; Icariin; L-Arginine; LHX2 Factor; LYZ Factor; MOZ Factor; NSI-189; NPTX2 Factor; Nooglutyl; OPN 129-144 Peptide; RADA-16 Peptide; S-18986; SB705498; SDF-1alfa Factor; SF-1670; SLC9A3R1 Factor; SRHHAFCFR Peptide; Uroguanylin; Urokinase; Vinpocetine;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 14

Alfa-Beta Neoendorphins; Alfa-Endorphin; Anandamine; BD-1063; BRPF1 Factor; Beta-Endorphin; CART (55-102) Fragment Peptide; CART (62-102) Fragment Peptide; CART Factor; CRTC1 Factor; DRD4 Factor; Delta Opioid Receptor; FAAH Factor; FANCD2-DNA2 Factors; Fingolimod; Gamma Endorphin; Kappa Opioid Receptor; LYCAT Factor; Laquinimod; Leu-Met Enkephalins; Mu Opioid Receptor; Naloxone; Naltrexone; Nociceptin; Nociceptin Receptor; PNPLA3 Factor; PQBP1 Factor; Ponesimod; Prepronociceptin; Sigma-1 Receptor;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 13

Aclidinium Bromide; Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Factor; Arbaclofen Placarbil; BMI-1 Factor; Butyrylcholinesterase Enzyme; Conantokin-G Peptide; Conantokin-R Peptide; Conantokin-T Peptide; Dantrolene; Dextromethorphan; Dystrophin Factor; ERR-Gamma Factor; Ephedrine; Epinephrine; Erythromycin; Flupirtine; GSHHRHVHSPFV Peptide; HSP-10 Factor; HSP-27 Factor; Humatrope Polypeptide; Indacaterol; Ipratropium Bromide; Mucolipin-1 Factor; Nitrous Oxide; Olodaterol; PTK-2 Factor; PTRF-MG53 Factors; Phenibut; Propofol; bpV-HOpic;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 12

5A Apolipoprotein A-I Peptide; APOE (130-149) Peptide; AZD5423; Amphotericin-B; Anidulafungin; B4010 Peptide; BIRB-796 Peptide; Caspofungin; DPII-22 Fragment Peptide; Dapoxetine; Deferoxamine; EPO-EPOR Factors; ETC-642 Peptide; Echinocandin-B Peptide; FEG Peptide; GAP-26 Mimetic Peptide; GAP-27 Mimetic Peptide; GJB2 Factor; Helenalin; Honokiol; Hyperforin; Isavuconazole; MANS Peptide; Melatonin Receptors 1A-1B; Oleocanthal; Papulacandin-B Peptide; Plumbagin; Plumericin;  Presenilins PSEN1-PSEN2; Voriconazole;

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 11

ACVR2B Peptide; AP-301 Peptide; AVI-7288 Peptide; AVI-7537 Peptide; Bombesin  Peptide; Bottlenose-Dolphin SCN4A Factor;       Cannabinoid Receptors CNR1-CNR2; Cytoglobin CYGB Factor; Dopamine; Droxidopa; FG-4592 Peptide; Follistatin-344 Peptide; Gonadorelin Peptide; Human SCN4A Factor; Human Prestin Factor; Humpback-Whale Myoglobin Factor; Humpback-Whale Prestin Factor; KDGIVNGVKA Peptide; L-740093 Peptide; L-DOPA; LGD-4033 Peptide; Link Protein Peptide; MOTS-c Peptide; Myoglobin MB Factor; Neuroglobin NGB Factor; Osteogenic Growth Peptide; P-113 Peptide; P 11-4 Peptide; TB-500 Peptide; Thymosin Alfa-1 Peptide;

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 10

Alfa-1-Microglobulin Recombinant; CCK-33 Peptide; CCK-4 Peptide; CCKPeptide; DADLE Peptide; Daclatasvir; Dynorphin-A Peptide; EB-Peptide; Enfuvirtide; Ledipasvir; Maraviroc; Met-12 Peptide; Mitoquinone; NPY Peptide; Oxyntomodulin Peptide; PACAP-Related Peptide; PACAP (6-38) Peptide; PYY Peptide; PF-232798; Peginterferon Alfa-2a; Pep-E Peptide; Pitrakinra Recombinant; Ribavirin; Scytovirin Recombinant; Simeprevir; Sofosbuvir; T-22 Protein; Tachyplesin-1 Peptide; Taribavirin; Vemurafenib

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 09

Adalimumab; Aducanumab; Alemtuzumab; Alirocumab; Bavituximab; Benralizumab; Bevacizumab; Blosozumab; Brodalumab; Canakinumab; Certolizumab-Pegol; Cetuximab; Denosumab; Dupilumab; Enokizumab; Evolocumab; Gantenerumab; Gevokizumab; Infliximab; Ipilimumab; Mepolizumab; Omalizumab; Ozoralizumab; Pembrolizumab; Pidilizumab; Rituximab; Romosozumab; Tanezumab; Tositumomab + Iodine 131; Trastuzumab

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 08

ACTH (1-39) Peptide; ATWLPPR Peptide; Adipotide Polypeptide; BPC-157 Peptide; CBD3A6K Peptide; CBD3 Peptide; CGRP-ALFA Peptide; CGRP-BETA Peptide; CGRP (8-37) Peptide; D-4F Peptide; HGH (176-191) Peptide; HGH (177-191) Peptide; Humanin HNA Peptide; Humanin HNG17 Peptide; Humanin HNG Peptide; Humanin HN Peptide; IGF-1 LR3 Peptide; ISP Peptide; KC-01 Peptide; Lipopeptide; Olcegepant; PT-141 Bremelanotide Peptide; SNAP-8 Peptide; Substance-P Peptide; TAT-CBD3A6K Peptide; TFF-1 Peptide; TFF-2 Peptide; TFF-3 Peptide; Triptorelin Peptide; Vasonatrin Peptide

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 07

AG-490 Peptide; AM-111 Peptide; Astressin-2B Peptide; Astressin Peptide; Atrial Natriuretic Peptide-ANP; Beta Defensin-1 Peptide; Beta Defensin-2 Peptide; Beta Defensin-3 Peptide; Beta Defensin-4 Peptide; Betahistine Dihydrochloride; Betahistine Mesilate; Bradykinin Peptide; CJC-1295-DAC Peptide; Calcitonin Peptide; Colivelin Peptide; DG-AVP Peptide; FGF-20 Recombinant; GLP-1 (7-36) Peptide; Gastrin Releasing Peptide; Ghrelin Peptide; Hexarelin Peptide; Katacalcin Peptide; MBP (85-99) Peptide; MOG (35-55) Peptide; ORG-2766 Peptide; PLP (139- 151) Peptide; Peptide-T; Secretin Peptide; Tesamorelin Peptide; Vasorelaxin Peptide

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 06

Amyloid-Beta Production Inhibitor; Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor-1A Peptide; C-Peptide; Cathelicidin-LL37 Peptide; Cortagen Peptide; Elafin Peptide; EUK-134; Galanin Peptide; Galantide Peptide; Granisetron; KIT Peptide; LEAP-1 Peptide; LEAP-2 Peptide; Lactoferrin-B (17-41) Peptide; Livagen Peptide; Magainin-1 Peptide; Magainin-2 Peptide; Motilin Peptide; N-Acetylcarnosine (NAC); Pancreatic Polypeptide; Pepstatin-A Peptide; Prostamax Peptide; Ruxolitinib; STK11 Peptide; Serrapeptase; Thymogen Peptide; VIP Receptor Antagonist; VIP Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (6-28); Vilon Peptide

Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 05

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2; Adrenomodullin-2 Peptide; Adrenomodullin Peptide; Allergic Rhinitis; Angiotensin (1-7) Peptide; Copper Peptides; Davunetide Peptide; Dornase Alfa Enzyme; Enobosarm Peptide; Epithalon Peptide; Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Peptides; Hair-Skin Care Peptides; KGF Peptides; Lunasin Peptide; Mechano Growth Factor Peptide; N-Acetylglucosamine; Nesfatin-1 Peptide; Noopept Peptide; Obestatin (11-23) Peptide; Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor Peptide; Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium; Selank Peptide; Semax Peptide; Tat-Beclin-1 Peptide; Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH) Peptide; Type-2 Collagen-A1 Peptide; VIP Peptide

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 04

AICAR Peptide-1; Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis Vaccine; Alpha-MSH Peptide; Autoimmune Lupus Erythematosus Epitope 1 Peptide; Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide; Ebola Peptides; Ebola Vaccine; Forskolin; GHK-Copper Peptide; Glucagon Like Peptide-1; Hemostasis Peptides; Influenza Peptides; Iron Chelation-Glucagon Like Peptide 1; Iron Chelator-PCIH; Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Molecular Therapy; MHC-Related Peptides; Mechano Growth Factor Peptides; Melanotan-1 Peptide; Melanotan-2 Peptide; Natriuretic Peptides; Nootropic Peptides; Orexin Antagonist Peptides; Orexin Peptides; Physical Performance-Injury Healing Peptides; Sperm Activating Peptide; Tofacitinib

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 03

ATP Passive Training; ATP Synthases; Actinic Keratosis Gene Therapy; Angiogenesis Gene Therapy; Anti-Aging Body Contour Gene Therapy; Anti-Aging Detox-Antioxidant Gene Therapy; Cardiac Hypertrophy Gene Therapy; Chondrocalcinosis Gene Therapy; Endogenous Antioxidant Enzymes; Hernia Hiatal Gene Therapy; Hyperfibrinolysis Gene Therapy; NO Synthases; Post-Herpetic Neuralgia Gene Therapy; Seborrheic Keratoses Gene Therapy; Skin Cellulite Gene Therapy; Skin Firming Gene Therapy; Skin Inflammation Gene Therapy; Skin Moisturizing Gene Therapy; Skin Peptides; Skin Structure Protection-Maintenance Gene Therapy; Stasis Dermatitis Gene Therapy; Thermotolerance Gene Therapy; Venous 

Insufficiency Gene Therapy; Weight Loss Peptides

* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology 02


* Resonant Therapy-Molecular Biology

Andropause; Anti Aging-HGH; Anti Aging-Stem Cells; Anti Aging Gene Therapy; Baldness Gene Therapy; Bone Loss Molecular Therapy; Colon Cancer Molecular Therapy; Fibromyalgia Molecular Therapy; Herpes Zoster Gene Therapy; Human Vomeronasal Stimulation; Influenza Molecular Therapy; Injury Recovery Molecular Therapy; Melanoma Gene Therapy; Melasma Molecular Therapy; Menopause; Muscle Wastage Gene Therapy; Musculoskeletal Connective Tissue Reconstruction; N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid Stimulation; Nerve Regeneration Molecular Therapy; Obesity Molecular Therapy; Olfactory Receptors Stimulation; Physical Endurance Profile Gene Therapy; Rheumatoid Arthritis Molecular Therapy; Secondary 

Lymphedema Gene Therapy; UV Protection; Urate Oxidase Stimulation

Resonant Therapy Sessions-Miscellaneous

Agar-Agar; Astaxanthin; Brain Stimulation; Breathing Deep; Calcium Plus Magnesium; Calea Ternifolia; Cannabis Indica-Night-Time; Cannabis Sativa-Daytime; Copper (63, 65) Plus Zinc; Dimethytryptamine Stimulation; Drug Detox; Electrolyte Levels; Emotional Rigidity; Facial Toning; Fat Metabolism; Happiness; Human Growth Hormone HGH Production; Hydrogen2 Plus Oxygen3 H2O3 (Trioxidane); Hydrogen3 Plus Oxygen H3O (Hydronium); Hydroxyl Radical HO; Intelligence Enhancement; Interleukin Production; Iron Plus Molybdenum (95, 97); Limit Alcohol Craving; Limit Caffeine Craving; Limit Cocaine Craving; Limit Methamphetamine Craving; Limit Smoking Craving; Lucid Dreams; Manganese Plus Calcium; Nitrogen (14, 15) Plus Oxygen NO (Nitric Oxide); Normalize Hormone Levels; Pantothenic Acid-Vitamin B5; Potassium Bicarbonate KCHO3; Potassium Plus Iodine NaI (Potassium Iodide); Regeneration And Healing; Rubidium87 Plus Chlorine37 RbCl (Rubidium Chloride); Salvia Divinorum; Schumann Resonance; Skin Enhancement; Sodium Bicarbonate NaCHO3; Sodium Chloride (35,37) Plus Water NaCl+H2O; Sodium Plus Iodine KI (Sodium Iodide); Super Hydrated Water H2O+Iron Oxide FeO+Crystal Resonator; Supercharged Oxygen O3-Ozone; Tomatis Ear Sensitization; Vitamag Set; Walking Awareness And Control

Resonant Therapy Sessions-Muscles

Anterior Neck; Face; Foot; Forearm; Good Dreams Sleep; Hand; Iliac Region-Buttocks-Pelvis; Leg; Posterior Neck; Shoulder-Arm; Spine; Thigh; Thorax-Chest-Abdomen

Biological Anti-Aging

Biological Anti-Aging

Human Chemistry Elements

Iodine; Gold; Tin; Silicon; Magnesium; Platinum; Silver; Antimony; Sulfur; Iron; Zinc; Copper; Selenium; Nitrogen; Cobalt; Germanium; Carbon; Oxygen; Lithium; Mercury; Rhodium; Boron; Strontium; Calcium; Phosphorus; Chromium; Molybdenum; Hydrogen; Sodium; Potassium; Manganese; Chlorine

Chakras Body Tuner

Chakras Body Tuner -Meditation; Chakras Body Tuner -Concentration; Chakras Body Tuner -Contemplation; 

Chakras Energetic Stimulation

Chakras Energetic Stimulation -Meditation; Chakras Energetic Stimulation -Concentration; Chakras Energetic Stimulation -Contemplation

Chakras Awareness And Focus

Chakras Awareness And Focus -Meditation; Chakras Awareness And Focus -Concentration; Chakras Awareness And Focus -Contemplation

Chakras Resonance

Chakras Resonance -Meditation; Chakras Resonanace -Concentration; Chakras Resonance -Contemplation 

Wellness And Balance

She-Wellness; He-Wellness

DNA Activation of Vitamin C Gene

Crown Chakra in B; Brow Chakra in A; Throat Chakra in G; Heart Chakra in F; Solar Plexus Chakra in E; Sacral Chakra in D; Root Chakra in C