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Sound waves are just another type of wave. Listen to the mp3's as if you were enjoying the sound of the sea at a beach. Remember, using this type of recordings on others without their consent is not ethically sound. 

This recording plays simultaneously both the human male specific IZUMO1 protein and, the human female specific IZUMO1R receptor for IZUMO1 frequencies to simulate the interaction. IZUMO1R is located in the suface of the egg cell, it has the role of recognizing its sperm-riding counterpart, IZUMO1, to facilitate fertilization.
"The debilitating impact and addiction to the"sexual aesthetic-pain" electronic wave is the reason that the ruling class of The Domain do not inhabit flesh bodies. This is also why officers of The Domain Forces only use doll bodies. This wave has proven to be the most effective trapping device ever created in the history of the universe, as far as I know."  (Alien Interview book edited by Lawrence R. Spencer). Currently, this fact alone makes fertilization outside Earth impossible.
Note: use at least three times within 24 hours to access the experience.

MOUNT BUGARACH attracted international attention in the year 2012. Bugarach was flooded with thousands of people in the belief they would be saved by an alien ship from the End of the Times. It did not happen, nevertheless, on the very same 21st of December an alien ship appeared near the peak. Mt. Bugarach has traditionally been involved in a number of strange stories.

In 2016 I fulfilled my wish of visiting Mt. Bugarach along with a friend. Thanks to the information found in the Alien Interview book and a gift for Spiritual Insight I was able to confirm the place holds a secret underground Amnesia Station. As stated before, this is still secret, the people who built it were no fools. Besides, the mountain and its surroundings is subject to electromagnetic radiation fields which can affect the human mind in ways only advanced technology has been able to partially reproduce.

Asians share a deeper spirituality than westerners, they created the legend of Shambhala but the location is still uncertain. Finally, the Rwenzori Mountains area offers little news coverage to reach key conclusions. Read my posts at the Awakening forum.

- "The vested interest of the "Old Empire" prison system is to prevent you from looking at your own soul. They fear that you will see in your memory the slave masters who keep you imprisoned. The prison is made of shadows in your mind. The shadows are made of lies, and pain, and loss, and fear." (Alien Interview) In fact there is another, and different perspective of Human History on Earth -the influencer' parties.

- Alien Interview Book (visit the editor's blogs at and

01 Ajna Chakra 13Hz (10m)
02 Ajna Chakra 221.23Hz (10m)
03 Ajna Chakra 448Hz (10m)
04 Spiritual Manifesto DNA script (18m)
05 Sahasrara Chakra 15Hz (10m)
06 Sahasrara Chakra 172.06Hz (10m)
07 Sahasrara Chakra 480Hz (10m)
08 Spiritual Manifesto DNA script2 (16m)
All together, 09 Genetic Memories (93m)

REMEMBERING SELF (32m), just a paradox. Remembering Self 01, Remembering Self 02 (Ref.)

TESLA NUMBERS DECAGON (42m), 3, 6, and 9, in Ain B, in G (Ref.)

PI NUMBER DECAGON-INFINITY (40m), in A, in B, in G (Ref.)

MHC-Related Peptides (32m), provide a molecular mechanism by which an individual can sense the composition and compatibility of vital immune system molecules of a conspecific, with direct consequences for social behavior (Ref.).

* Preview or download the following recordings from your browser at the links to the location. There, you will find a short reference for each item.


Music and frequencies in 12 keys -good for recreating being around the Twin Flame.


Chakras-Solfeggio Energy Tuner -Meditation; Chakras-Solfeggio Energy Tuner -Concentration; Chakras-Solfeggio Energy Tuner -Contemplation


Vissudha/Svadhisthana/Muladhara Chakras; Ajna Chakra; Manipura Chakra; Anahata Chakra


1st  Chakra - Sensing  - 396 Hz - Liberating guilt and fear

2nd Chakra - Thinking - 417 Hz - Undoing situations and facilitating change

3rd  Chakra - Feeling   - 528 Hz - Transformation and miracles (DNA Repair)

4th  Chakra - Willing    - 639 Hz - Connecting/relationships

5th  Chakra - Body      - 741 Hz - Awakening intuition

6th  Chakra - Soul       - 852 Hz - Returning to spiritual order

7th  Chakra - Spirit      - 963 Hz - Immortal Spirit

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LAWRENCE R. SPENCER presents Alien Interview with subtitles in several languages.