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Dear visitor, welcome to Resonant Therapies, a non-for-profit website
dedicated to holistic health exploration and concern. The different
sections present recordings of algorithmic music mixed with sound

My name is Eduardo Espadas, I have spent several years studying
distinctive features of sound; I hold an Associate Degree in General
Studies, Teacher Assistant Diploma, and a Home Health Aide Certificate.

Production of these mp3's is a work in progress, since they depend on
creativity, research and craftmanship.

The technology is based upon the principle of resonance. If you strike
a tunning fork near a group of forks, which include one attuned in that
frequency, the later will vibrate in response.

It is my will as author, to leave these files in the Public Domain.
However, your feedback is important. Please feel encouraged to become a
member, and post your questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions or requests
in the forums. In my personal view, everybody should be more responsible
towards Health.

To download right-click the link and save to your computer. If you prefer
to preview the audios on your browser, try the links to the archive
storage locations. Clicking the 'Ref.' link will take you to any information


Finally, your appreciation is most welcome. If you are willing to send any 

amount through a postal money order contact [email protected] for the details.

Thanks for your support,
Eduardo Espadas
13th of February, 2013.